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Wildlife Removal Services

Removal, Exclusion, Clean Up


During the winter, food sources become scarce for wildlife such as voles and moles, raccoons, skunks, opossums, birds, squirrels and mice. When foraging for food, many animals, especially raccoons will take advantage of open garbage cans and accessible pet food. If the animal finds a continual food or water source on your property the chances are higher that it will attempt to nest somewhere close to the source.


Attic space, under porches, under sheds, in wood piles and garages are all areas where an animal will look to build a nest. An animal will look for certain vulnerabilities when choosing one site over another such as loose boards, broken fencing rotted wood and more. Cato technicians are knowledgeable as to what an animal looks for when deciding on a location for it's habitat. We can thoroughly inspect your property to find these areas of vulnerability before the critter exploits them. If your property appears welcoming to wildlife, they will readily move in and stay until spring.The damage that they can cause includes torn insulation, chewed electrical wires, and animal odors.If you suspect your property may not be as protected as possible from a wildlife infestation call for a thorough wildlife home inspection today.


If raccoons, opossums voles or moles are active in your yard, they can tear up turf, and destroy bird feeders and flower beds. If it feels threatened it is not uncommon for the animal l to defend itself by biting or scratching a home owner. A bite or scratch from a wild animal can spread disease to humans. Do it yourself animal control is not advised, especially when the unwanted animal is indoors.

Cato offers safe effective animal control solutions to the problems these animals pose. If you have or suspect that you have a opossum or raccoon on or in your property call Cato Termite and Pest Control right away.

CATO Offers an Array of Animal Control Services.

We are committed to providing you with fast, friendly, professional service while utilizing the safest products and most effective techniques available.

Cato's wildlife services go beyond just animal removal. We solve your South Jersey wildlife problems!

Put our wildlife knowledge and experience to work for you!

Wildlife inspections: We thoroughly inspect all areas of concern and diagnose any mysterious noises, odd odors or strange occurrences.

Customer Education: We answer all of your questions regarding control, removal and prevention. We work with you to help you understand why an animal control problem may have occurred. We will also discuss strategies for avoiding other wildlife problems in the future.

Wildlife removal: Any wild animals that are causing damage or creating unsafe conditions are humanely and efficiently removed (we also remove dead animal carcasses).

Clean-up: Wild animals can create quite a mess. Resulting debris needs to be removed and a thorough cleaning of the area is sometimes necessary in order to eliminate contaminants that could result in unsafe or unpleasant conditions.

* We guarantee all work to be completed as specified and free from any defects in materials or workmanship. Specific extended warranty or guarantees vary and can generally be arranged to specification.


We are committed to providing you with fast, friendly, professional service while utilizing the safest products and most effective techniques available.

We are not your typical animal removal service. We thoroughly inspect your home and property. We identify areas of vulnerability and damage. We repair damage and seal vulnerable areas. Our methods reduce the risk that wildlife will chose your home for their habitat.

Let our wildlife expertise benefit you.

Do It Yourself Animal Trapping

Trapping is not always simple. Many people fail to consider things such as trap size and placement, using the right bait, trapping the wrong animal, or a domestic animal and whether or not the animal trapped is a mother with a litter remaining somewhere on your property. It is best to have a professional evaluate the area. If you suspect that you have a raccoon or other form of wildlife causing problems on your property an attempt to trap the animal yourself could result in harm to you and or the animal.It is not uncommon for do-it-yourself pest control novices to accidentally trap a cat.In the summer months here in South Jersey, trapped domestic animals are subject to heatstroke which could end up in a lawsuit by the animal's owner against the unwitting trapper.

If you have raccoons or other forms of wildlife on your property call Cato at 856 786 8008. Cato can thoroughly inspect the area to determine the type of animal,size and species that is causing the problem. We can determine the appropriate method to safely and permanently rid your home of the invading wildlife and we can reduce the risk that your home will be targeted as a habitat for wildlife in the future.