Termite Detection

Termite Worries?


Are termites looking to your South Jersey home for their next meal?

Cato Termite and Pest Control can put a safe Halo around your home with the The Halo Termite Detection System An easy affordable addition to your regular general pest control service.

Get the Halo system for just $25.00 per station installed, plus $75.00 per monitoring 2 annually.

Reduced monitoring fee for Cato's current general pest control customers

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 What if I there are termites on my property already?

Purchase of the Halo monitoring system includes a free thorough interior examination of your home to check for the presence of termites,prior to installation. Cato technicians will monitor the Halo system twice each year and provide a free annual interior inspection

What if termites are detected by Halo? 

If your Halo system detects the presence of termites on your property then Cato Termite and Pest Control will discuss with you your options for treatment and credit your monitoring fee toward the cost of a complete termite treatment....and if they're not? If no termites are found then you've gained something of immeasurable value, your peace of mind.Cato will continue monitoring the Halo system and will also provide a thorough annual interior inspection of your home free of charge.Contact us on line or call toll free1-800-517-2745Let our professionals help you keep your peace of mind!Stations costs are subject to sales tax.Offer based on 8-12 stations per dwelling.Stations monitored twice annually at six month intervals